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If you know what type of shoe strings you are looking for, simply find the category on the left side of the page and click. If your not sure and just browsing, have a look at a picture that catches your eye and click on them. But rest assured that we have the laces for your sneakers, boots, and children’s shoes that you want.

Types/shapes of shoe laces strings

These are types of shoe laces we have:

types/width of shoelaces

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Length Guide

The length of shoelaces can vary for different type of shoes.

If you are replacing shoe laces, try to measure the old shoelace as a reference.

General Shoelace Length Guide
Eyelets Shoelace Length
3 or 4 27 inches (around 68cm)
5 or 6 36 inches (around 91cm)
6 or 7 45 inches (around 114 cm)
8 54 inches (around 137 cm)
9 or 10 60-63 inches (around 152-160 cm)
11 72 inches (around 183 cm)
12 or up 120 inches (around 305 cm)

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